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This page will be updated with information and suggestions for business operations during extended closures. The following topics are available: 

Sell Discounted Gift Cards to Generate Cash
Instead of Refunds, Issue Electronic Gift Cards at No Additional Cost

Sell Discounted Gift Cards to Generate Cash

Organizations facing declines in revenue due to closures and cancellations are using discounted gift cards to generate short-term cash.

Doubleknot gift cards are delivered immediately to the buyer by email. Other than a one-time credit card processing fee to purchase a gift card, there are no other fees.

This short video shows how gift cards can be purchased and redeemed.

Selling Doubleknot gift cards is practical and easy, and our Support team will help you every step of the way. Just send us an email with the following information:

  • If you’re not already using Doubleknot gift cards, tell us to enable them for your organization (NOTE: If your organization uses another kind of gift card like Tendercard or Worldpay, this feature isn’t available).
  • The dollar value of each gift card you want to sell (for example, you may want to offer $50 and $100 gift cards)
  • If you want to offer gift cards at a discount, please provide the amount of the discount.

When we receive your request, we will:

  • Enable Doubleknot gift cards for your organization
  • Create the gift cards and discounts you requested
  • Build a web page for your organization that supports quick and easy gift card sales

To get started or request more information, call us at (408) 971-9120 x2 or email Support@doubleknot.com.

Instead of Refunds, Issue Electronic Gift Cards
at No Additional Cost

UPDATE: We've released a new feature that makes it faster and easier to issue refunds to gift cards! You can now issue a refund directly an electronic gift card, and the gift card will automatically be emailed to the purchaser. Please watch the video below and read the short User Guide for instructions on using this feature. 


Instead of immediately issuing refunds for canceled events, consider asking your registrants to convert their payments into donations or into electronic gift cards that can be used for anything sold through Doubleknot. These gift cards can be redeemed for online purchases and for in-person purchases at Sales Station. 

Issuing electronic gift cards enables your supporters to retain the value of their registration while supporting your operations during this difficult time. 

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, there are no additional fees for issuing Doubleknot electronic gift cards:

  • There are no additional costs for your organization to add the feature.
  • There are no additional payment processing costs for your organization to convert payments to electronic gift cards.
  • There are no additional fees when your customers pay for items with the electronic gift cards. 

To turn on electronic gift cards for your organization, please call us or send us an email at support@doubleknot.com with the subject “Request to turn on electronic gift card processing.” We will enable this feature for you within an hour. 

NOTE: If your organization is already using a different gift card processor like Tendercard or Worldpay (formerly Vantiv), the Doubleknot gift card features described on this page are not available.

Instructions for using the new Refund to Gift Card feature are available in this document (PDF).

This short video shows the entire procedure and demonstrates how to view gift data in reports. 


If you have any questions about converting registration fees to gift cards (or anything else during this challenging time), please call our Support team right away at (408) 971-9120 x2. We are here from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time to help your team any way we can. 






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